Reflection – Two Years

Today marks two years since I embarked on the greatest challenge of my life. It occurred to me then, as it does now, that sometimes in life it is the challenges we don’t sign up to which are the most formidable. There are moments in our lives which we cannot forget, moments which come to define us. In the seconds it took for me to fall, and as I tumbled uncontrollably toward a seemingly endless precipice, my only wish was that I would see the ones I loved again. As the dust settled on that day, and as the severity of the injury came to light, I was simply thankful to be alive.

I don’t know how I could even begin to describe the incredible journey which these past two years have been. I have discovered a depth of character and belief in myself I never knew before, a love for my family and friends bound by perseverance and triumph over hardship, and an endless world of new possibilities and opportunities. If I had to summarise everything I’ve learnt these last 24 months, it would be this:

  • Life is short
  • Life is beautiful
  • Life is for living, laughing, and loving

Life is such a fragile thing. It doesn’t always go to plan, and sometimes we’re faced with challenges we believe bigger than the sum of our parts. Stay strong. No storm lasts forever. For me, in many ways my accident made me realise how fortunate I was, how beautiful our world and those around us are, and how much I would have missed living, laughing, and loving had I not been as lucky.

To my family and friends, thank you for your unconditional love and support. I couldn’t have climbed this mountain without each and every one of you. Here’s to another year of life, laughter, and love.


  1. Very well spoken.
    I wish you the best.
    I agree. Sometimes it takes a serious situation to find out what life really is about.
    And also what is important or not.
    ”Don’t sweat the small shit” as someone told me when I went through my chemo.
    I totally agree.

    I am amazed of what you have achieved during these two years.
    Fantastic .

    🌸 Anna Hansson

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