‘My Darren’ – Mum

A little while ago, I asked my Mum to write a blog about the events of August 6th from her perspective. It is only since looking back at the first hours/weeks of my accident that I have come to realise how wrapped up in ‘self-preservation mode’ I truly had been at the time. I had… Continue Reading

3. Taking Back Control

Today was the day. Today marked the end of my sixth week on bed rest. Thank God. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d quite managed it, but then again, I hadn’t really had much of a choice. Never before in my life had I wished away days quite like I had these past six weeks.… Continue Reading

2. Dreaming of Tomorrow

Minutes passed like hours. Hours passed like days. Days, well they never seemed to end. I wondered, would this week pass quicker than the last? It was enough in itself coming to terms with the physical impact of the accident, but for now, the biggest challenge I faced was mental. Nothing in my life could… Continue Reading

1. Hitting Rock Bottom

Just let me shut my eyes. Please just let me shut my eyes, and when I wake up none of this will have happened. I was so desperate. I was so scared. I wanted it to not be true, but I knew instantly what was wrong. As I lay in the dirt, tangled in debris,… Continue Reading

Looking Up

We had decided to do one last tricky climb in the middle tier of the quarry, and then head down to finish off the day. Darren led, and the ascent was, in his words, “the hardest thing I have ever climbed” so, when he got to the top, needless to say, we were both totally exhilarated from meeting the challenge. But that was to be cut short.