Strength Through Adversity is a charity whose mission is to improve opportunities for disabled people to take part in sports in Shropshire. It is only since my accident, and since becoming a wheelchair user, that I have come to appreciate the importance of ensuring that sports are accessible to all, and how we as a society should enable not disable someone’s ability to take part in their chosen passion. I now know first-hand how empowering it is to be shown that, whilst your life has changed, there are still a world of opportunities available to you.

Shropshire is a fantastic place to live, and thrives on its active diverse range of sporting clubs. Many of these clubs already cater for adaptive sports, and there are many more who would wish to become more inclusive. Strength Through Adversity, with your support, has the opportunity to make accessing sports for disabled people easier. We will work with clubs and organisations across the county to identify opportunities for investment that will help to improve existing facilities, create new opportunities, and empower people to take part.

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